World War One

World War One is one of the most interesting wars to look back at. World War One was also referenced as the First World War, The Great War, or the War to End All Wars. One of the major reasons why World War One is so interesting is that this was the first war to have modern technology. That technology being planes, tanks, stationary weapons, trains, boats, chemical grenades, gas masks, flamethrowers, and more. Many people in 1914 thought that World War One was going to be a war in which they had never seen.

One of the main causes of World War One was the assassination of a political leader named Franz Ferdinand. He was a huge political figure in Austria that was visiting Serbia. A terrorist group called the Black Hand saw this as an opportunity to assassinate Ferdinand. The Black Hand sent assassins to Serbia to eliminate him. In June of 1914, one of the assassins went for the kill and threw a grenade at the car, luckily the driver was fast enough to avoid the grenade. Franz Ferdinand hid for a bit until he went to the hospital to visit one of the injured survivors on June 28, 1914. The driver of the car took a wrong turn and stopped at one of the streets where one  of the terrorists at the bombing was at. So he got out his gun and shot Franz Ferdinand, effectively setting World War One into motion. 

On July 28, 1914 Austria declared war on Serbia, which caused one of Austria’s allies Germany to declare war on Russia, Serbia’s ally. After that, Germany declared war on France, who was Russia’s ally and began invading Belgium. That caused Great Britain to declare war on Germany. The first month of the war consisted of troop attacks on the Eastern and Western Front. In the Western Front Germany attacked Belgium. After that Germany invaded France. In the Eastern Front, Russia attacked Germany and Austria Hungary. In the South, Austria attacked Serbia after the battle of the Marne. From 1916-1917 the most commonly used tactic in war was trench warfare. Trench Warfare went something like this, one side would dig in a position and the other side would do the same. Each side would send troops into “No man’s land”  where they tried to overrun the opposing trench. Each side would weaken the trench by pounding it with machine gun fire, artillery, and chemical weapons.

Millions of troops died by diseases, bullets, and artillery bombs. The people who survived would eventually get severe trauma. In 1917 two critical events occurred, first in April of 1917 America joined the allies. Then on November of 1917 the Bolshevik Revolution pulled Russia out of the war and started the Soviet Union. In addition to that ,on September of 1918 an allied offensive on the Mensue River and the Argonne Forest were able to push back Germany to its own borders. A weakened Germany and Austria had no other choice but to surrender and sign the Armistice on November 11, 1918. In the end, over 16 million people died in the war with 7 million of them being civilians according to World War I Centennial. World War One was one of the greatest wars to ever happen on Earth, while it’s overshadowed by World War 2, the soldiers that served in the war will never be forgotten for their service whether or not they were our side.


By: Daniel Garcia

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