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Ms. Bowers

Born in Montana, Stephanie Bowers has enjoyed lots of things in her life, including being a 7th grade social studies teacher. As a child, she was a military brat and has visited plenty of places. She has even been to almost every state and has made it on her bucket list to visit all of them, with a few left. She graduated from Lee University, Tennessee and from NAU for her Masters degree in teaching. Some of her hobbies include kickboxing, weight lifting, and sports photography. Her favorite sports teams are the Dallas Cowboys, and the Hawaiian football team. She loves to eat key lime pie, Skor candy bars, peach and mango flavored foods, and plenty more.

One of the places she has visited is Hawaii. Her son, Zach, is on the Hawaiian football team and she comes to them even though he doesn’t play yet. She also loves to watch high school football. After getting her masters, she decided to start teaching. The reason why she teaches is that she gets breaks, especially summers off, she gets to boss kids around, and she gets and makes birthday treats. She is greatly known for her Fruity Pebbles treats and plans to make football brownies on her birthday.“They keep me young and they make me laugh,” she says, referring to kids.  Ms. Bowers also loves when kids just start to understand something, and how much they change throughout the year.

In conclusion, Ms. Bowers loves teaching and visiting places. Kids make her feel young and great and do plenty for her. Her teaching job comes with many amazing perks that she loves. Ms. Bowers is an amazing teacher and anyone should be happy to have her as a teacher!


By: Alex Arevalo

Photo Credits: Alex Arevalo

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