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Seventh Grade English Classes

Mrs. Heerman’s 7th grade Honors English class is getting ready for their book presentations. Within the past few days, they have created presentations.
Presenting in groups, Mrs. Heerman’s students talk about their chosen book. They will have to respond to questions like, “What is the author’s purpose of…?” Samantha, Madeline, and Tate are presenting.
Students work in pairs to write their own, original myths, In the picture above, Hannah T. is brainstorming for her part of her group myth. They write their ideas down on the worksheet.
Then, Mrs. Heerman’s class starts writing or typing up their work. Above, Jane R. (Left) and Sierra V. (Right) type of their essays.
In this picture, Kendell B. (Right) and Coco L. (Left) communicate in order to finalize their myth. They make sure that everything is all great and detailed.
The students can finally turn in their myths.



By: Alex Arevalo

Photo Credits: Alex Arevalo

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