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Celebrating Christmas

When someone mentions Christmas, most people think of presents, ornaments,  festive songs and carols, and of course, Saint Nicholas himself. Most people also know that Christmas started with the birth of Jesus Christ, but how have traditions changed since then?

There are many arguments about when Christmas actually started. According to, “The first recorded date of Christmas being celebrated on December 25th was in 336 B.C, during the time of the Roman Empire.” It is still unknown why Christmas is celebrated on the 25th. A big idea behind this is Mary was told by God on May 25th. So nine months later, Mary gave birth to baby Jesus. Another huge thing in Christianity is the name of the holiday itself. Many people change the name to “Xmas”. Christians around the world disagree with this shortened name.   A big reason behind this is there is no “Christ” in “Xmas”. However, that’s not completely true. In the Greek language and alphabet, the letter that looks “X” is chi (pronounced ki), and is the first letters in the name of Christ.

All around the world Christmas traditions and customs have many different special meanings. Many Xmas customs include Christmas songs and carols, presents, White Elephant parties (which is a party with present related games), Christmas dinner, decorating the tree, and baking Christmas cookies. Now those are just some of the more popular and traditional Christmas activities. However, all around the world, other countries and states put their own special spin on Christmas. states that in Germany, a popular tradition during the holidays is called, “Pickle in the Tree.” This pickle oriented tradition consists of a pickle ornament, one special present, and a lot of excited children. On Christmas morning all the kids turn around after the parents have hid a pickle ornament within the tree. On the count of three all the children scatter to find the hidden ornament. The winner that does find it gets a special present just for them.

Christmas means different things to many people all across the world. But it all comes back to family traditions, and to some degree religions.


By: Jyllian Skoda

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