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Mario Kart Wii

Mario Kart Wii is an incredibly devise game. Some people consider this entry the best Version of Mario Kart, but others consider this the worst Mario Kart. But My opinion on the game is that it is a solid entry in the Mario Kart Series though it isn’t the best. Mario Kart Wii despite the many debates of whether or not Mario Kart Wii is the best or worst entry, it sold over 37 million copies making it one of the best selling games of all time. It did that with the Wii Wheel which would make fake driving feeling like real driving. The ways to control range from the Wii Wheel, the Wii remote on its side, the Wii remote with the nunchuck a addon for the Wii, classic controller pro, and the gamecube controller with the gamecube controller plug-in. I would mainly use the gamecube controller to play, because I believe the gamecube controller is perfect for Mario Kart Wii. But there is one problem. One of the ideas the game introduces is the trick system, before you go up a ramp you press and button to do a trick which will give you a boost. Mario Kart Wii’s graphics look worse than Mario Kart Double Dash on the Gamecube. The visuals of Mario Kart Wii are really washed out a blurry, while Mario Kart Double Dash is more colorful and has aged very well unlike Mario Kart Wii.

Now Mario Kart Wii’s tracks has a great amount of tracks, there are highlights for every cup in the game. For the returning retro tracks, the selection isn’t bad and includes some true classics. However my problem with the tracks is how they look, the Super Nintendo and GameBoy Advance tracks feels extremely old. While the Nintendo 64 tracks feel really boring visually. Now the item balancing is really off, there are too many blue shells in a single race, and the new items are really mediocre. The giant mushroom is a worse version of the star, the pow block is a less effective copy-off of lightning, and the rain cloud is maybe the worst item in Mario Kart because it hurts you. So the item balancing is off the walls crazy, but while it’s frustrating in single player I believe that it makes for an incredibly memorable multiplayer Why! Why does an item hurts you if it’s suppose to help you!  Now the battle mode while isn’t bad it’s not the best battle mode. Overall I like Mario Kart Wii despite my problems with it. It doesn’t mean I didn’t have fun with it. So I give Mario Kart Wii and 7.7/10 for its fun times but it’s frustrating single player.


By: Daniel Garcia

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