Mini November Holidays

November is a month full of fun little holidays,but the biggest holiday in November is Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is not the only holiday in November, in fact, there is a holiday every day. In the month of November, there are over 100 holidays. Most of the holidays aren’t that important, like “National Nacho Day”, “Use Your Common Sense Day”, and “Check Your Blood Pressure Day”. We recently just had a holiday on the 11th of November which was Veterans Day. Veterans Day is a day where we celebrate all of the veterans that we have, and we even get the day off of school ( some people get the day off of work). Another holiday people can celebrate in November is Dios Los Muertos,  and Dios Los Muertos is the only holiday in November that people celebrate for two days. Another holiday in November is black friday. Black friday is always the day after thanksgiving. Black friday is a most stores have a very big sale as most parentis say that’s when they get their christmas shopping done. In November there is a holiday on November 18th, which is National mickey mouse day. It is national Mickey Mouse day because the day mickey has created, it is also his birthday on the 18th.


By: Avery Frarer

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