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Monsoon Season

Monsoons are regular sight from June to September. For those who don’t know, monsoons are severe storms that can bring rain, lightning, winds, floods, and dust. But how do monsoons happen? According to the North Carolina Climate Office, they happen due to climate, weather, and latitude. During the summer there is low pressure in the clouds, and the land becomes hot with strong solar radiation. Meanwhile in the winter the lower pressure comes to the hot ocean surface. This doesn’t mean that monsoons are bad. India and South Eastern Asia depend on summer monsoons for farming because of the lack of irrigation systems. Some crops in South Eastern Asia, like rice and tea are grown solely by monsoons. Dairy Farms also depend on Summer Monsoons to keep cows well fed. If the summer monsoons are weak, countries like India generally weakens the region economy weakens because of the lack of food.

But that doesn’t mean that monsoons can’t do their fair share of damage. For example in 2005 an extremely strong monsoon devastated western India. When it hit the state of Gujarat more than 100 people were killed in the monsoon. Then when the monsoon rains hit the state of Maharashtra, 1,000 people were killed in the flooding of the state. On July 26, 2005, the city of Mumbai had received about 39.1 inches of rain. Something similar happen in 2017 when the countries of India, Bangladesh, and Nepal went through severe flash flooding. According to, it said that because of the heavy flash floods farms were ruined. Because of this, people saw a shortage of food and water in the three countries. Many workers tried helping the people affected by the terrible monsoons. So that is a short lesson of monsoons and how it can be good and bad.It always helpful when a country’s economy is boosted. On the other hand, it’s sad when people die from these semi-evil storms.


By: Daniel Garcia

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