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“Okay Boomer”

Over the past decade humanity’s vocabulary has evolved. New words are being created that are more daring to say or write. That being said, slang words have changed as well, becoming more inappropriate or harsher than the next. One of the most popular phrases in the slang vocabulary is, “okay boomer.” This phrase is defined in The New York Times as, “… a rallying cry from younger peers in generation Z who are fed up with older individuals being nuisances.” 

This means that the children of Gen Z, feel as if adults are being rude and incompetent by stating something condescending about younger individuals and the issues mattering to them. Because of this a child then may call that person a “boomer” or say “okay, boomer.” Many individuals of this generation can sympathize with adults acting like this. Several companies and fans of the phrase make merchandise with this word plastered onto a shirt, cup, or etc.

The history that led to “okay boomer” becoming a trendy word around the world. Surprisingly, the word first started around in April 2018. But began gaining significant popularity in early 2019. The phrase began it’s popular trend by becoming a catch phrase internet meme. Also, by being advertised by TikTok as videos tagged with #OkBoomer and gaining over 44.6 million views. Quickly, the word began to skyrocket across the world, being used more and more often. 

Okay boomer is used towards adults who say harsh things about kids lives and it’s used as an attempt for younger people to be seen as equal and to be treated better.


By: Sam Chapman

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