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“Alone” Book Series

Explosions, betrayal, loneliness, and plenty more, what else could one want from James Phelan’s post-apocalyptic trilogy? Would you be more intrigued if I mentioned the liquid-craving, zombie-like monsters who enjoy chasing the remaining survivors from the initial apocalyptic attack?

On a school trip from his home-country, Australia, the protagonist, Jesse, and (in the first book) three friends are all in New York. In the subway and on their way to the 9/11 Memorial, 16-year-old Jesse realized why subways have such a bad reputation. Then again, no one could’ve expected a fireball to race down the tunnel and kill the majority of the riders. Now, believing he and his friends are the only few survivors, Jesse must fight if he wants to live and make it back to Australia in one piece.

As Jesse emerges from the sewers, he’s greeted by a gruesome sight. The apocalypse has arrived. “Chasers” (the previously mentioned zombie-creatures armed with an unquenchable thirst) have overtaken the streets and are willing to get violent. Thankfully, the “Chasers” are slow to develop their skills.

Over the course of the trilogy, Jesse struggles with loneliness and fear. Even though, he has many helpful friends along the way. Whether they’re the original ones from the beginning of the story, the zoo, the bookshop, or others, Jesse just can’t help but feel lonely on the deadly streets. As for fear, it’s kind of hopeless. Who wouldn’t be scared with buildings constantly collapsing, “Chasers” out to drink but ready to kill anything that gets in their way, not to mention the drone attacks (You’ll have to read the series for more information).

I definitely enjoyed this series. Unlike many books, it wasn’t difficult to get into. On the other hand, I’d probably give it only three out of five stars, purely because I don’t enjoy the main concepts of post-apocalyptic books. Although, if you enjoy this type of action, I would recommend it without a doubt.


By: Peyton Erb

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