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Bulls Hate Red

For hundreds of years, matadors, or bull fighters, have been known to carry red capes during bullfights. However, many people have been mislead by folklore regarding the origin of the cape. 

In a bullfight, matadors use their cape, usually in varying shades of red, to provoke a bull into charging. As the bull charges, it is stabbed with harpoons or a sword. It was believed that the bulls charge because the color red angers them. According to, “Bulls, along with all other cattle, are color blind to red.” Bulls are extremely territorial animals and will attack anything that moves. When a matador waves their cape, the motion, not the color, causes the bull to charge. Aside from provoking the bull, the cape, also called a muleta, is used to conceal a sword which is stabbed into the bull as it charges past. Originated in 711 C.E.,bullfighting is considered to be a dying art. Traditional bullfighting is only practiced in a few select countries. In addition, bullfighting is banned altogether in some countries. The sport has  received severe backlash from animal rights organizations, namely PETA. This has led to countries, provinces, and states to ban the practice of bullfighting. 

In conclusion, bulls do not hate the color red in particular. They only charge at moving objects and only when provoked.


By: Ryan Roco

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