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Most students get homework the vast majority of school days. People have different opinions on it. There are both positives and negatives to homework. I interviewed a seventh grade student, a seventh grade teacher, an eight grade student, and an eight grade teacher were interviewed to hear their opinion on homework.

I interviewed a Logan Erb, a seventh grader and Ms. Zhou, a seventh grade math teacher. Logan states that homework is a waste of time. One example that he gave was that you might want to play with your friends. However, you can’t play with them because you have loads of homework. This can just ruin time to socialize. Ms. Zhou has a highly positive opinion on homework. She says that it is necessary and it is, “additional practice for students to solidify on what they learned…” She also states that as long as students do it alone, and don’t copy it down, it helps them a lot. That way, students can understand better and ask questions.

I also interviewed Josh Webster, an eighth grader and Ms. Hammond, an eighth grade English teacher. Josh says that homework is sad and it is bad. He also says, “It controls my life,” and agrees with Logan that it wastes time. However, Ms. Hammond, along with Ms. Zhou, thinks a bit differently than everyone else. She says she only gives homework on some nights, usually when they couldn’t finish or for another reason like to remember something again. She thinks that it is beneficial for students. It makes students remember what they had learned. She also thought that this leads to better grades and performance.

These students and teachers and many others agree, homework is boring and a waste of time. But there are still positives and people out there who think it’s great. Homework is beneficial because it’s extra practice, but it is still pointless at times and it is also boring. In conclusion, the opinion on homework is pretty split, but there are more opinions out there.


By: Alex Arevalo

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