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Italian Car Alarms

Everyone has heard of at least one death, or near-death, situation from hot cars. The news and many social media platforms are constantly informing its users/watchers of the latest death by hot car. After all, we live in Arizona, which is one of the hottest states in the U.S.

According to an NBC News article, “Italy just introduced a law it hopes will reduce hot car deaths. Why hasn’t the U.S.?” by Paul Eiseinstein, “… 2019 is already the second worst on record… [for] death of children in cars.” Topped only by 2018, 2019 is ending on quite the low note. On the other hand, the director of, Amber Rollins claims, “Nine out of ten times, this… is an unintentional thing.”

There are many reasons for this, though the result is still tragic. For example, people’s daily lives and routines. A guardian may be in a hurry to get to work and- possibly thinking they already had done so- forgets to drop a child off at school, daycare, or a friend’s house. As stated by Paul Eisenstein in his previous article, “The problem is compounded when a toddler is riding in back in a rear-facing child seat.” This is an irreversible mistake that even competent parents may face.

Thus far, only one country has taken multiple steps towards preventing situations like these. Italy has passed a law mandating that all cars include an alarm. This mechanism is designed to alert the car driver(s)- with both a visual and audio signal- if a child (or pet) is still in the back of the car after it has been shut off. Basically, the car notes when one of the back doors have open and shut and (if someone has not yet open and shut the door again) will promptly alert the driver that someone or something may still be in the car.

Overall, the purpose of this alarm attribute to cars may save many lives. In fact, maybe next time news headlines or media posts will be someone saved from a hot car rather than dying thanks to this beneficial car alarm.


By: Peyton Erb

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