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California Fires

Some people may say that California is a very dry place, others may say that it is a wet place, but California has had several wildfires in the last few years. In fact, California is a very wet place in the winter but when summer comes, it can bring lots of heat. In November of 2018 a California fire named “The Camp Fire” which burned about 109,000 acres of land and destroyed 6,453 homes states the website As of August 2019 the campfire was the most destructive wildfire in california history, based on the number of structures destroyed. During the summer times in california they can have many water droughts which can be a big reason why a wildfire can start. The 2019 California wildfire season is currently happening. So far thousands of fires have burned over the state of california. To be precise, the total number of fires that have burned in 2019 is about 6,402.Forest fires can manly start by two ways but the one main cause are caused by humans. Over 95% of the wildfires in california are caused by humans, but Humans aren’t the only thing that can cause wildfires power lines, electrical equipment can all cause fire but there are many other things that can cause wildfires. Climate change is also a big part for starting fires expasy greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases can cause small fires or very big fires like wildfires. Even though California has many wildfires, it’s not the state can a fire can happen. Next think twice before playing with fire.


By: Avery Frarer

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