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Finals are an extremely long test taken at the end of a school semester. They judge whether or not you had understand the material taught throughout the year. or not you have grown in knowledge. Finals typically happen on half days where you only go to your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd hour on the 19th of December or you go to your 5th, 6th, and 7th hour on the 20th of December. The reasoning for finals is to not only tell is you can pass but to tell what you remembered by topics your class has discussed.Sometimes finals are too complex to do in school so students have to take the finals at home. Finals usually get a bad reputation for being long, intense and frustratingly difficult to complete within the hour, and I agree finals are incredibly frustrating and confusing. The person who invented finals is Henry Mishel who invented i.e test some time in the late 19th century.

Before finals students use strategies to study, like taking notes, quizzing yourself or with a friend, flashcards, and much more. During finals week students stress goes up tremendously and so does anxiety because of the stakes of the test. In my eyes finals are an immensely stressful test that is impossible at first, but if you study hard and try your best on finals it will be less stressful after. But it doesn’t excuse from being a pain to go through if you didn’t study which I’m pretty sure no one studies before finals in my opinion, But like I stated I personally dislike finals. These tests are a lot like getting a flu shot at the local doctor long, painfully, and difficult to go through. But if you prepare for finals it’s going to be a lot easier.


By: Daniel Garcia

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