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Stars of The NFL

This year, there have been some big upsets and surprises in the NFL. To be specific, there are a few teams like the 49ers and the Ravens to rise this year. The battle for the top team continues in the NFL. People have many different opinions on who will get to the playoffs and Super Bowl this year.

One of the top teams this year is the New England Patriots. The Patriots have been a top team and have won the Super Bowl a lot the past few years. Their first Super Bowl win was Super Bowl XXXVI (36), when they beat the Saint Louis Rams. They currently hold the tied record for most Super Bowls won at six. People don’t know if they will make it, but the Patriots continue to show promise at a record of 10-2. However, they’re not the only good team at the moment.

Another team that is on fire this season is the Baltimore Ravens. This team is seriously challenging the Patriots and other teams. They have a tied record of 10-2, but they are winning and the number one seed since they beat the Patriots in a game. The Ravens have won only two Super Bowls and based on their performance, they have a pretty good chance of making the playoffs. Based on, the Ravens have the highest chance of making the Super Bowl in the AFC, with 29.3% and the Patriots are second at 16.4%. They have great potential, but there are still season games left.

There was a huge surprise this year with the San Francisco 49ers. Despite the fact that they haven’t done well the past few years, they have been performing fantastic this year. The 49ers have won a total of five Super Bowls, and have a chance at winning another. Also tied with everyone else, they have a record of 10-2. The 49ers are not the only NFC team showing promise though. The New Orleans Saints is also performing really well this year. They are currently the only team to clinch playoff berth. Their record is also 10-2 and they are 1st in their division.

This year, the Patriots, Ravens, 49ers, and Saints all have astonishing performance and they all have a chance to get to the Super Bowl. However, other teams can suddenly come back as a wild card or division leader and make it to the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is waiting for all of these great teams.


By: Alex Arevalo

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