Teacher Dodgeball Game

Team Miller.JPG

Containing six teachers, Mr. Miller’s team lost to another team called “Black Plague” in the second round. In this picture, the team is walking onto the court armed with three dodgeballs.

The Lone Wolf Pic

Mr. Morton was the last one standing in the round that would eliminate Team Miller. He is shown hogging four dodgeballs around him with a fifth one is coming at him.

Quarter-Finals Team

(Left to right) Mr. Deaton, Mrs. Breitwieser-Cutshall, Ms. Dewarrat, Mr. Glaberman, Mr. Yarborough, Ms. Brozak, and Mrs. Mulliken (not pictured) create Team Mulliken. This impressive team made it all the way to the quarter-finals!

Girl Power Pic

In the picture above, three of the four girls on the team are working together. Using this tactic, the girls were able to get two people on the other team out.

Triple Force Pic

Keeping a similar game plan as the girls in the previous photo, the players are throwing an onslaught of dodgeballs at the other team. In fact, Mrs. Breitwieser has two elimination spheres.

Mrs. Mulliken Blocking Pic

An opponent is throwing a ball at Mrs. Mulliken. However, she is able to block and return the throw.

Epic Leap Dodge by Ms. Dewarret Pic

The last few moments of Team Mulliken final game were intense. It all ended when Ms. Dewarrat was alone on the court and was bombarded by the other team.

Leaderboard Pic

Above is the leaderboard for the entire game.



By: Peyton Erb

Photo Credits: Peyton Erb

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