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Top 10 Christmas Gifts

With records dating back almost 4000 years, Christmas is the most popular holiday in the United States. When there’s Christmas, there’s also presents, but what is the most popular Christmas gift?

I surveyed 100 people to see what their favorite holiday gift is. The results reflect upon this generation:

         8. Tied for last place: books and accessories (1 vote)

         7. Skin care items (3 votes)

         6. Bikes/scooters (5 votes)

        5. Board games/card games (5 votes)

        4. Tied for 4th place: candy and fashion related items (6 votes)

        3. Toys (8 votes)

  1. Money/gift cards (26 votes)

Finally, the number one favorite Christmas gift is…

  1. Electronics (40 votes)


In the past, every kid loved to get a brand new Barbie doll or an awesome action figure. However, judging by the poll, it’s clear to see that electronics are a game winning Christmas gift this year.


By: Jyllian Skoda

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