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Are Electronics affecting us?

Electronics have been extremely popular among everyone, especially teens and popularity is still rising. The majority of people own some kind of electronic device or are exposed to them. One major question is do they affect the brain, sleep, and more? There are many positives and negatives related to it.

Electronics are used a lot, meaning there are negative effects, some major and some minor. According to Rich on, they affect our memory. The article says, “they [Students] may not remember what happened in class yesterday.” The quote shows that using electronics a lot or using them late reduce sleep, causing people to have a reduced memory of what happened. It also states that it distracts students, causing them to have less creativity.

Despite the negatives of screen time, there are positives to them as well. Based on, it says that electronics allow people to share experiences and information easier. That means that they can also learn more. We can also learn a lot and socialize from long distances, meaning we can connect to more people. In my opinion, I am more towards this side, but have my reasons for being on the other side.  I think that socialization and gaming keeps us entertained and it allows us to communicate with family and friends. However, the internet is not always safe and we could reduce our time by quite a bit. 

To conclude, electronics have an impact on our society, both negatively and positively. Screen time is not very healthy for us, but it can benefit us in many ways. In my opinion, we can limit our time, but electronics can be beneficial and helpful.


By: Alex Arevalo

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