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Does Sugar Make Kids Hyper?


Sugar, a sweet substance, made out of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. There are many types of sugar all over the world, around 61 different types to be exact. Some of them are popular and well-known, such as sugar cane, brown sugar, and powdered sugar. On the other hand there are types of sugar we have never heard of before like muscovado, coconut, and galactose sugar. It can be everywhere, whether people know it or not. However, every type of sugar has the same effect on a body, it increases blood sugar. Because of this, adults and children tend to misunderstand that sugar raises the hyperactivity level of a child. That being said, scientists have concluded that this is a common miscommunication. An article written by Laura Geggel on interviewed Dr. Mark Wolrach, Chief of the University of Health and Science center. Wolrach says the following about sugar, “. . . The body will normally regulate those sugars. If it needs it, it will also use the energy.” Mark continues saying, “If it doesn’t need it, it will convert fat to storage.” 

To clarify, what Dr. Mark states is that sugar is a mixed substance made out of twelve carbon, twenty-two hydrogen, and eleven oxygen atoms. In which, as said by ShareCare, “. . . Your body does need carbohydrates, which are broken down into sugar in your body. This sugar is essential for your body to create energy and survive.” As stated before, sugar is in almost everything, not just in desserts. but can be in fruits, types of starches, and even in plant based foods and flowers can contain it. If we didn’t have sugar than humans wouldn’t have energy. 

And that energy that is ‘made’ from sugar as people like to think it causes hyperactivity isn’t fully sugar for the mind, but for the body. This is a proven fact due to Dr. Mark previously stating that sugar isn’t converted into hyperactivity energy bu energy for out body to move and do activities.

However, this doesn’t mean that people should eat masses of sugary substances just to have the energy to do tasks because The BorneoPost states that we can survive without sugar intakes such as candy and such but not without natural sugar like fruit and etc. With the evidence being concluded, sugar does not cause hyperactivity to kids or anyone.


By: Sam Chapman

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