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Dutch Brothers

For many people, their morning routine isn’t complete without a cup or two of joe to get them through the day. Some people instinctively reach for a cup of coffee before doing anything else.

Dutch Brothers (also known as Dutch Bros) Coffee has a variety of options to meet your satisfaction. Including, Americanos, Breves, Chais, Cold Brews, Freezes, Frosts, Rebels, Hot Cocoas, Lattes, Mochas, Lemonades, Smoothies, Sodas, and, Teas. There are about 500 drinks available, and even more for those who know about the secret menu. (which includes slightly over 80). Many people and food critics say, “Dutch Brothers is the In-and-Out of coffee,” because of all of it’s secret menu items. There are many popular and delicious drinks at Dutch. The most common type of drink being the latte’s. Specifically the Iced Dutch Canyon Latte. This chocolate flavored latte is made with ordinary latte ingredients, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and chocolate macadamia nut. Perfect for any chocolate lover. No wonder why it’s so popular!

Although Dutch is mainly known for its coffee, I’m personally not a fan of this caffeine charged drink. I’m certain that they are as good as all of their other drinks, but I always go for their Frosts. Frosts are Dutch Bros version of a frosty milkshake, (hence the name Frosts) and are caffeine free. If a frost sound good, but you still want caffeine, you can get a Dutch Freeze, which is flavored, blended coffee. My personal favorite type of frosts are the Cotton Candy, Dragon Slayer, Starry Night, Aquaberry, Birthday Cake, Dinosaur Egg, and Freedom. If any of these drinks sound good, but you don’t want a lot or no sugar at all, they have many different types of drinks that are sugar free. 

All in all, Dutch Bros is an amazing place and I would give it a 10 out of 10. With an amazing variety of drinks always guaranteed to be delicious, it’s no wonder why so many people love it.


By: Jyllian Skoda

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