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Finding Gobi

The idea of a dog as the protagonist of a book or movie warms the hearts of many people. So much so that over 70,000 items with this concept are listed on Amazon.

Finding Gobi is about a 41-year old Australian named Dion Lenard who lives in Edinburgh, Scotland with his wife Lucja. Dion has competed in some of the world’s toughest ultra marathons across the planet’s most barren landscape.  Including running across the brutal Morrocan Scharra twice in a 250 km marathon, and running twice across South Africa’s Kalahari Desert, which was also 250 km. Dion’s most recent ultra marathon was at the Gobi Desert in Northern China, where it can reach a scorching 120 degrees, and where a sandstorm can happen at any moment. This race turned out to be like no other when he fell in love with with a stray border terrier at one of his races (later named Gobi, after Gobi Desert where the race took place). Gobi followed Dion throughout a week of racing, and would change both of their lives forever. 

The book Finding Gobi is now my favorite book of all time. I loved this book so much, and I would find myself reading it whenever and wherever I could: I would read it in my free time, in the car, on the bus, and during class. I deeply appreciate this touching story of a man and his furry best friend. Finding Gobi is full of emotion, and I found myself crying and cheering during many parts of the book. 

All in all, I would give this book a 10/10. While I read this book, so many thoughts raced through my head, and so many emotions filled my heart. I would recommend Finding Gobi to any dog lover or someone who enjoys stories about a touching friendship.


By: Jyllian Skoda

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