Full Send

Full send is a phrase that many have heard, but few understand. Popularized in 2017 by a group called ”Nelk Boys”, the phrase full send is often used by extreme athletes, especially right before they attempt a trick or incredibly dangerous stunts. As stated by, “A full sender doesn’t care about what happens after the send, as long as the send was hype and there were cameras rolling.” Several other slang terms that are used similarly to full send are “Y.O.L.O.” and “Send it”. When used in sports such as skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, and skateboarding, a full send is to perform a run flawlessly. Usually, a full send ends in a spectacular crash or failure. This term can also mean giving your all on a task or activity without thinking about the consequences while also risking an injury. On social media, full send is used to caption any incredible success or failure, prank, or stunt. Full send is an exceptionally diverse word that can be used in many ways.


By: Ryan Roco

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