Home education was a very common practice in the 1500’s. Homeschooling was very important before the 19th and 20th century because of the great increase with public schools in the whole world. Literacy rate was very low so parents taught their children at home in order for them to read and write. In the 1800’s literacy rate was high enough for the majority of adults to read and write. For a long time, the practice was the main way to educate youth until the 1830’s when more public schools started to became common in the world.

Parents who homeschool usually have two motivations for doing it in the first place, not being satisfied with local schools and increased interest in children’s learning and development. Some effects of being taught at home of those children who are being homeschooled are those kids might get more wanted attention than in a public school, parents have more control over what their children learn so they might get their goals more apparent.  Parents who homeschool have many ways of teaching a child. Classical education is based on western culture. Charlotte Mason which bases education on a wide and liberal curriculum, also Montessori education which is a method of teaching children based off of long observations. The uncommon of homeschooling practice nowadays is interesting to look back because of the rarity of seeing a child who was taught at home and to see what they do and what they think about it.


By: Daniel Garcia

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