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Koalas Going Extinct

Many people are aware that the beloved Australian koalas are dying at an alarming rate. There have been many causes for this, dating back a few decades. Why are these lovable creatures dying and how can we help them?

Today, the main cause of koala deaths are the many fires blazing across their home continent, Australia. This does so much more than just simply burning the animals. According to “When a fire subsides, it often leaves small fractions of land inhabited by few koalas.” They are isolated from others of their species and are therefore vulnerable to wild dogs, pythons, goannas and other natural predators. Sadly, though some fires are caused by lightning, most of them were a result of human carelessness. It is highly encouraged to be careful when handling fire, no matter where you are.

Although fires take a huge part in the koala population decrease, there are many other factors taking place. Since English settlement in 1607, about eighty percent of koala territory in Australia has been demolished. Additionally, from the 1800’s to early 1900’s around three million koalas were shot and/or killed for poaching reasons. Furthermore, there are almost 300 road accidents per year that kill some of these amazing species. Overall, more than 5000 koalas die each year.

Unfortunately, there are not many ways to help the koalas from Arizona, but the smallest act of good can help. For instance, simply making others aware of the situation. Other than that, it is all up to Australia to save this fantastic species. Hopefully we can help the koala population reach a healthy 350,000 as it was once before in the 1900’s.


By: Alessy Madero

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