Procrastination is a word that claims is the “ action of delaying or postponing something.” Procrastination is common in life and happens when someone becomes lazy and does not do their work, they are procrastinating. However, is procrastination healthy? Is it really good to take a break from your work and procrastinate? Well, according to, taking a break- which can also be considered as procrastinating can have its benefits. These benefits can include, a boost in creativity, prevented eye strain and other ergonomic problems, injury reduction, a way to refocus, and breaks allow you time to reevaluate.

However, there can be consequences to relaxing. This is where procrastination takes over. As you take more and more breaks and you begin to become more lazy with your responsibilities, you begin to procrastinate. Because of this it prevents multiple things, although your relaxing, procrastinating can cause harm to both you and yourself. This has been proven thanks to PsychologicalScience. In which, they state the following, “. . . Procrastination isn’t just hateful, it’s downright harmful. In research settings, people who procrastinate have higher levels of stress and a lower well-being.” 

Thanks to evidence, procrastination can be called as being harmful to the human lifestyle. Not bad, but harmful to work. Although relaxation has many benefits, procrastination is the extreme level of extreme of too many breaks.


By: Sam Chapman

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