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Shortening Summer

The beloved three-month break between school years stands as many students’ motivation to get through any assignment or test. However, the state has been shortening this much-awaited respite to roughly two and a half months. To weigh in, two students and two teachers were interviewed to see what their opinion was on this concerning issue.

Ms. Dewarrat, a seventh-grade math teacher and Kyle Lenz (7) agree that the shortening of summer vacation is an unfortunate situation. “Only if we get longer breaks during the school year,” Dewarrat said. Kyle Lenz agrees with this position, saying that it is “Not good,” and that “It needs to be more days.”

Mr. Tautolo (8), does not agree with this position.

“I think it’s great,” he said. “I think spending three months on vacation is too long.” Bethany Welch, an eighth-grader, sides with Dewarrat and Lenz in this argument, stating, “I don’t really like it.”

Most students probably can’t handle their much-deserved break time being shorter than it once was. Students cherish this long, relaxing, and scorchingly hot vacation from school and the stress that comes with it, so naturally, upon hearing that the state made it shorter, a look of concern crossed their faces. However, some teachers and students like Mr. Tautolo may choose the other path and agree that three months of break time is excessive and causes students to forget the information that they may have learned over the course of the school year. For this question, however, it looks like Mr. Tautolo’s opinion is rather unpopular.

The ever-classic theme song of the Disney TV show Phineas and Ferb states that “There’s a hundred and four days of Summer vacation.” Sadly, this is not the case anymore, and most people interviewed wish it was.


By: Brig Larson

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