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Trash in the Sea

The ocean is a wonderful, massive body of water, brimming to the point with underwater breathing creatures, big and small. There are many types of oceans- for example, the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. Although, nothing compares to the gigantic Pacific Ocean that covers approximately 63 million square miles according to LiveScience. However, the Pacific and manly other oceans may not be as clear as they seem anymore when rubbish is brimming in it. Human trash to be specific, junk such as plastic bottles down to metal cans. 

Because of the junk residing in the ocean, this not only makes the waters look filthy, but the trash also harms the inhabitants of the sea and humans water supply. What I mean by this is that due to the junk waving across the ocean, sea creatures often mistake trash as food and eat it, causing harm to themselves, which leads to their death. According to OneGreenPlanet, they state that sea turtles are mostly affected by trash. An example of this can be, sea turtles being choked to death due to a can ring that people use to round up their soda cans at the grocery stores. Thus, people but a can of soda, take off the ring and throw it into the trash as it ends up in the ocean. Because of this, it ends up hurting sea turtles and other creatures as well.

Trash can be very harmful to the ocean life, often affecting harmless creatures. Although we need to throw away our junk, the ocean shouldn’t be an option. If we continue this, in a few years or more, our waters will be covered with garbage. This won’t just affect the animals and the ocean, but our water supply. Thankfully, scientists are working on a way to prevent trashy oceans, but, we need more help in order to save the ocean and make the world cleaner.


By: Sam Chapman

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