Vaping Restrictions

Recently, several cities in Arizona-including Mesa and Flagstaff-began enforcing restrictions on the use of electronic cigarettes. Similarly to the smoking ordinance passed in 2006, anti-vaping laws aim to “protect public health and to eliminate an unnecessary nuisance,” states the East Valley Tribune. The issue was discussed at a city council meeting on December 2, 2019, but no official decision was made. According to, passing this law will “add the prohibition of vaping and the use of vaping products in public facilities, public places, and in certain places of employment.” In addition to e-cigarette vapor being a nuisance to unlucky passersby, it can pose huge health problems as well.

Since vaping started to become popular in 2017, an estimated 2,172 people have lung injuries as a result of vaping. Of those, 42 have died. These illnesses are caused by a substance called vitamin E acetate, which is not harmful if it is ingested or applied to the skin. This chemical, which is usually used as a nutritional supplement, was found in lung fluid from 29 patients who were tested. Some skeptics say that these deaths are insignificant compared to those related to smoking (480,000 per year in the United States alone). That is true, but in several years, vaping could become a huge issue. It is exceptional that governments are taking steps against vaping before the issue gets any worse.


By: Ryan Roco

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