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Netflix Plus

Netflix is an app where you can watch movies and tv shows. It’s the best app that has almost every movie and show the in world. The one thing it does not have is Disney movies, Netflix has been getting a lot of complaints almost leading them out of business. Then Disney wanted to be the best, so they came out with an app. This app was called Disney Plus. Disney Plus has every Disney movie ever, even the movies from the 1900’s. Everyone switched to Disney plus instead of Netflix. 

 The worst thing about Disney plus is that it costs seven dollars a month. Netflix was so angry   that they came out with the best idea, Netflix Plus. Netflix Plus had every movie and T.V. show that was ever made. There was even a movie about Netflix Plus. The first day that Netflix plus came out it was one every news channel in the world. Netflix Plus is completely free. When Netflix plus officially came out in the app stores, so many people want to get the app it broke the app store. Once the app store was back to working many more people wanted to get Netflix plus, but to many people were on Netflix plus that only one show was working and that show was a baby show. After all of this over 20,000 people cancelled Netflix plus, and Netflix lost over 1,400,000 dollars. But then Disney bought Netflix plus and everyone was happy. 

This article is purely for satire reasons.Netflix plus is not really


By: Avery Frarer

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