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Serpent Stream

From the day Fidi was born, all of her family’s strict beliefs fell onto her. She couldn’t go outside past ten, in fear that the Chimera might hurt Fidi, and that once a year they must clean every square inch of her house with a special cleanser to get rid of bad spirits. But the worst one of all, was that she wasn’t allowed near the Το φίδι του ρεύματος (the Serpent Stream.) 

One day when Fidi was at school, and her best friend, Skýlos asked her 

“Did you hear the news about Zévra? He disappeared yesterday after playing by a nearby stream. I bet he disappeared at the Serpent Stream.” 

“Serpent Stream,” said Fidi curiously, “what’s that?” 

“You’ve never heard of the Serpent Stream?” said Skýlos with a shocked face. “It’s only the most well known and dangerous stream in all of Greece!”

“My mom has told me about it once. She said never to go there.” claimed Skýlos. “It is located deep within the Dadia Forest. It’s believed if you step into the forest you’ll never come out again.” 

“I’ll make you a deal,” said Fidi with a satisfied grin. “If I can go to that so called Serpent Stream and  come out of the Dadia forest, you owe me 200 Euros.”

“Noooo, I may never see you again!”

“I’ll be fine,” she said with an annoyed tone. “It’ll be easy.”

That night, Fidi packed her bags and left after her parents thought they put her to bed. The Dadia Forest was four miles from her house. It was another six miles to get to the stream. On her journey she was starving, thirsty, and tired, but she knew that if she wanted to be home in time for breakfast than she had to keep going. The entire walk there she fought all of her negative thoughts and kept trekking on. By the time she finally arrived at the forest and walked one mile or so in, she could hear rushing water. Relief flew over because she knew that she hadn’t made this trip for nothing. The entire walk there she thought she heard the slithering snake following her, and felt like hundreds of eyes were watching her. Fidi had a feeling in her gut to walk slowly to the stream. Once Fidi reached the edge of the water so close that if she took one more step, she would fall into the freezing and powerful rushing waters, where she would surely die. When she leaned over to look into the foggy green waters an anaconda slithered up behind her and knocked her in with a big SPLASH! The force knocked her out and when she woke up, she was in the jaws of a snake. Out of nowhere a woman that goes by Artemis was there to save her. Artemis was strong and powerful, dressed in a beige dress with a deep green cloak wrapped around her. Artemis tried to kill the snake by choking it, and after multiple tries, she was finally successful. Fidi fell out of the serpent’s mouth. Artemis took Fidi and put her on land.

Artemis glared down at Fidi with a furious scowl.

“You should have listened to your family and friends,” shouted Artemis “ you could of been killed if I didn’t come to save you!” 

“ I know, I know.” cried Fidi through tears

“As a punishment,” Artemis said while lifting his hands, “ you shall be turned into a slithering snake!” 

“Noo-” cried Fidi, but it was too late. 

Her cries and sobs were exchanged for hissing. Fidi had to live the rest of eternity as an unfaithful, and lying snake. For the rest of her immortal life, she was cursed to go around and teach people about the Serpent Stream.


By: Jyllian Skoda

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