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Year-long Schooling

Every year, we go to school and follow the same schedule every year. We also follow the same break schedule every year. However, there are other alternatives, one being year-round school. There are plenty of schools that follow this school schedule. In 2016, it was recorded that over 3,000 schools do year-round schooling ( There are many opinions on it and is it better than normal schooling?

Year-round schooling is when there are more breaks, but school lasts all year long. As an example, a school might follow the 45-15 schedule. This means that school lasts 45 days, then students get a 15 day break. The schedules can vary though. The 60-20 and 90-30 are other really common schedules ( Either way, the ratio of school days to break days will always be 3:1. Just like normal schedule, there are still 180 days of school.

In my view, I feel that year-round school might be worth a try. I really like how there are more breaks and they are still a decent length, like three weeks. However, since it’s all year long, there is no summer break, just the breaks every now and then. More breaks are an advantage because we can get more frequent breaks, meaning we can spend time with family more often. Another important benefit, especially to teachers, is that there is no summer break for students to forget what they learned.

In my opinion, year-round school is a nice, interesting alternative to normal schooling. There are benefits, like more breaks and seemingly more time off. Despite that, there are disadvantages like no summer break, which is something the majority of students normally look forward to. To conclude, year-round schooling is something I think more students should try out.


By: Alex Arevalo

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