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Native Grill and Wings

There are many sports grills across the valley with great food. One of my favorites is Native Grill and Wings. They serve a large variety of food including burgers, pizza, and chicken wings. There are a lot of positives about the restaurant and I enjoy it quite a bit. 

One of the first things I noticed when going to the restaurant was the sports-themed decorations like pictures and the excellent service. Everyone was friendly and all the service was wonderful. They got our orders and were there when we needed anything. Even though the food took a while, we at least got a warning. One of the other things I loved was that unlike other restaurants, they had a lot on their menu. They served a wide variety of different flavors of wings and multiple to me are delicious. In addition, they served multiple burgers, various chicken dishes, and salads. They have great deals, such as the “Feast Mode,” a bundle including a salad, pizza, and wings. Overall this restaurant is a great pick for their wide-ranged menu and that’s only one reason why it’s outstanding.

When I went to Native, I got hot naked (bread-less) wings and a pepperoni pizza. The wings did take a while, but the taste made up for it. However, they were slightly dry and could have had been juicer. Along with the wings, the pepperoni pizza was really good. It was also a bit dry to me and it could have been improved. Despite that, it was still delicious. They were both worth the long wait. Another thing I loved, like most other sports grills, was the ability to watch sports games on the many T.V.’s mounted on the walls all around. It was nice to watch the NFL playoffs while I ate, making the time even more enjoyable.

Native Grill and Wings is one of my top sports grills due to its excellent taste and service. Their food variety and entertainment will make it something people, especially sports fans, might want to choose. To wrap it up, Native’s qualities are something all can enjoy, including families.


By: Alex Arevalo

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