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No Cap

It feels like current trends change as quick as a cheetah can run. Whether it be fashion, memes, or slang, people are constantly coming up with new ways of expression. A recent up-and-coming slang term is the phrase “no cap.” Strangely, this term’s new definition is nothing like the original. Thus, what does it mean now, and how was it created? Before “no cap” became a slang term, the words were most commonly used separately. “No” is an ordinary word that is, according to, “Used to give a negative response.” On the other hand, “Cap,” has multiple meanings. explains that a cap can be, “A type of soft, flat hat without a brim and typically with a visor,” or, “A protective lid or cover for an object such as a bottle.” Another meaning could be short for “captain.” For the most part, “no” has stayed the same in the phrase “no cap.” However, shows that “cap” has changed to, “to lie or say something false.” This implies that “no cap” altogether means “no lie” or “for real.” Another meaning is “not bragging” or “not to brag.” Basically, “no cap” has two meanings: one for truth, and the other for modesty.

“No cap” is taking the world by storm. Despite this, most of the people who use it (mainly teenagers) have little to no idea where it came from. Well, it had appeared on the social media platform, Twitter, in 2012. Only in 2017 did it begin to rise in popularity, though some people haven’t heard of it yet. The main reason it blew up was because of a track made by Future and Young Thug, called “No Cap.” After that it became more commonly used on TikTok and grew from there.

The phrase “no cap” changed drastically from its original definition. In the end, it feels like a whole new word. We can expect many more interesting, fashion trends, memes, and slang terms from this generation.


By: Alessy Madero

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