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Mrs. Sloan

Mrs. Sloan has been teaching the students of this school the wonders and phenomenons  about science. She had been teaching many different students ever since August of 2000 (for about 19 years.) She decided to do this because of her kids, she believed that education would be a big part of their life for at least 12 years and she wanted to be a part of it. Mrs. Sloan was born in Michigan and went to a private school in the same state called St John’s. The process of becoming a teacher for Mrs. Sloan was, “college, student teaching, and a lot of training. I enjoyed all aspects but especially the student teaching.”  Mrs. Sloan went to three different colleges in her life so far, including Oakland University where she took many classes in English but couldn’t make a decision about which degree she wanted. After that she went to Arizona, and started attending Outowana University near Sun City. She will eventually get her bachelor’s degree there, but she would get her master’s degree in Grand Canyon University

Mrs. Sloan graduated on the President’s List with a GPA of 3.89. Becoming a teacher wasn’t Mrs. Sloan’s dream job, she simply wanted to be a Marine Biologist. When Mrs. Sloan first became a teacher, she said that it was, “ a whirlwind! There was so much to do and to learn. There’s nothing like teaching and being responsible for a bunch of kiddos.” One of Mrs. Sloan’s favorite things to do is to spend time with her two boys, her kids are growing up fast and are going to be out of the house quickly. Mrs. Sloan said that if she can go anywhere in the world she would go to Hawaii to see the beauty of the state. She appreciates fellow staff members who share and work together like a team. A couple of things that Mrs. Sloan appreciates about students is their stories, personalities, and students who make interesting connections between things. Mrs. Sloan is definitely one of the better teachers in the school. She has kept the students of the school learning science at a great rate as is denfinity doing an amazing job as a teacher.


By: Daniel Garcia

Photo Credits: Daniel Garcia

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