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Portillo’s is a Chicago-style restaurant in Tempe. Portillos is best known for their hotdogs. But, hotdogs are not the only thing  served. The menu has a variety of meals from pasta to cake and many more. Specifically, Portillo’s in Tempe is actually the only Portillo’s in Arizona. If you go to Portillo‘s you can go through the drive through or eat inside. Once you’re inside the walls are filled with pictures, and signs are plastered everywhere. It makes you feel like you are in Chicago, even though you are not. The best part is there isn’t just one place to order your food: if you get pasta or salad, you go to one side of the restaurant, but if you want the cake or dessert you go to the other side, and if you order anything else like hotdogs and french fries you go to the middle of the restaurant. When you go to Portillos all of the workers wear white and red, because those are the restaurants colors. The workers also all wear aprons and hats, and this definitely make it feel more like you are in chicago  Portillos is a fabulous place to eat at.

 In my opinion, Portillo‘s is one of the best places to eat at in Tempe, Arizona. If I had to rate this restaurant I would give it a 10 out of 10. I would definitely recommend it to someone who has never tried this restaurant.


By: Avery Frarer

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