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Top Golf

Topgolf is an American entertainment company that is based around golf. There are 58 individual locations that house restaurants, lounges, gift shops, concert venues, and a modified driving range. The restaurant has an extensive menu including appetizers, flatbreads, burgers, sandwiches, breakfast and brunch options, seasonal selections, salads, and desserts. My personal favorite is the injectable donut holes, which comes with 24 cinnamon and sugar covered donut holes and three large syringes filled with chocolate, vanilla, and raspberry flavored cream. In addition to unique food selections, Topgolf also hosts a band competition entitled, “Who Will Rock You.” Small, up-and-coming bands enter the competition and play in front of two celebrity judges. The winner of this competition receives $50,000, and exclusive label deal with Bertelsmann Music Group, and a Topgolf tour. The main attraction of Topgolf is the driving range. The company uses custom-made golf balls with a sensor to track where the ball is hit. Participants can choose one of three floors from which to hit automatically dispensed golf balls. The driving range provides golf clubs in adult and youth sizes so that anyone can play, regardless of whether or not they own a set of clubs. A series of dartboard like targets are positioned at various locations along the driving range for players to aim at and try to hit. There are several game modes with varying difficulties. The easiest, and most popular, is simply titled, “Topgolf.” Players earn points by hitting targets, being awarded more points for hitting the center of targets and also for hitting targets at a greater distance. After each player hits 20 balls, the points are counted and the winner is crowned.

With convenient locations in Gilbert, Scottsdale, and Glendale, Topgolf is an affordable and family-friendly activity that will always guarantee a good time. All things considered, Topgolf deserves an 8/10 rating.


By: Ryan Roco

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