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Artemis Space Mission

From 1961-1975, NASA conducted several space exploration missions, six of which were successful in bringing the crew back to Earth. In addition, two Earth orbiting trials. All of this was a part of the Apollo space program. As of May 14, 2019, Apollo’s twin sister (according to Greek mythology) joined NASA as well.

Throughout the history of space aeronautics, a total of 12 men have landed on the Moon. Not once, though, has the Moon been visited by a woman. With that goal in mind, the Artemis space program was created. The specific woman who will achieve this miraculous event has yet to be decided. But, it is said she is one of 12 currently in training (

With new technology developing every day, how will NASA reach the moon? According to their website, “NASA’s powerful new rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS), will send astronauts aboard the Orion spacecraft….” From there, the astronauts (there will be one male and one female) will maneuver the Orion to dock at the Gateway. Yet another new spacecraft, NASA refers to the Gateway as, “… our home base for astronaut expeditions on the Moon….” Complete with laboratories, living quarters, and a landing dock, the Gateway will allow astronauts to train for life without Earth.

The target year to attain the Artemis space program’s goal is 2024. The second NASA makes it to the Moon and decides everything is in order, plans for the next mission begin: getting humans to Mars. That idea, however, is a long way away. Before humans are sent back to the Moon (for the first time in half a century) two test flights will be conducted with no crew. After all, “[a]ll that we build, all that we study, all that we do, prepares to go [farther].”


By: Peyton Erb

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