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John McCain Terminal

On Monday, Jan. 7, 2019, the highly regarded patriot John McCain was recognized through naming the newly renovated Terminal 3 at Sky Harbor Airport the “John McCain Ⅲ Terminal”. In July of 2017, the loyal 30-year member of the U.S. Senate from Arizona, John McCain, was diagnosed with brain cancer. Just over a year later, on August 25, 2018, he died.

Because of his early passing, Mr. McCain was unable to see the opening of his terminal. However, before he expired, the Phoenix City Council told him their plans for the station. He stated, “I have rarely felt at once so honored and yet so unworthy of an honor as I do today,” in a Twitter post. Moreover, at the opening ceremony of her husband’s terminal, Cindy McCain made a point of thanking everyone involved on Mr. McCain’s behalf. The website claims Cindy, “… hopes [the terminal] will offer a warm welcome to those visiting Arizona.”

Granted Sen. John McCain served Arizona until his last breath, this project will cost approximately 590 million dollars. Between $50k-$60k of which went toward the name change alone. Then again, insists many new updates will be included in the terminal. Consisting of- but not limited to- an enclosed animal space, an abundance of artwork by Teresa Villegas and Donald Lipski, panoramic windows, and a playground.

Eventually, Terminal 2 in the Sky Harbor Airport will be demolished. Naturally, it has to wait for the John McCain Ⅲ Terminal to be completed. This is for the solitary reason of being able to transfer airlines presently stationed at Terminal 2 to the new depot. John McCain also said before he passed, “The great honor of my life has been to serve the people of Arizona in the United States Congress and I will strive to prove worthy of that honor.”


By: Peyton Erb

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