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Raegan Bergeson

Raegan Bergeson is an 8th grader who enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She was born on April 9th 2006. Bergersen has one brother named Jonathan, and he is younger than Reagan by four years. Her family has a pet dog named Poppy and one bird named Lucky. Her family named her pets because they wanted them to have unique names. Raegen loves playing sports. Bergersen plays volleyball. She says her favorite part about playing volleyball is “playing in the games and hitting the ball”. She also likes the bounds that she makes with her team. When Raegen gets older she wants to go to the collage BYU. Raegen is very funny, nice, active, and a great student.

Raegans favorite teacher here at greenfield Jr is Ms. Brozak who is an 8th grade math teacher . Bergersen says “if  you get Ms. Brozak for an 8th grade teacher you are a very lucky duck”. Her favorite class is video tech. Bergenson likes this class because it is really fun and she has made really  great friends.She says video tech is very fun. In her free time she says she likes to make movies and videos on imovie. Raegans hobbies are going shopping with her friends and organizing. She says not many people like doing this hobby and organizing is different and is a unique hobby. Raegan is awesome and in all a great person. If you are looking to make new 8th grade friends Raegan is a great choice.


By: Avery Frarer

Photo Credits: Avery Frarer

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