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School Sports

 Many schools have school sports.  Also school sports are a great way to keep students active. There are many different sports that students can do. There are three different seasons of sports that you can do. Those being fall, winter, and spring. For fall sports there was volleyball, girl’s and boy’s soccer, and flag football. In the winter there was cheer, wrestling, softball, cross country, and boy’s basketball. In the spring there is cheer, girl’s basketball, track and field, and baseball. If you make the school team you get to go to a different school and play out there. Elisabeth Arrhenius who played on the 7th grade volleyball team says “Playing on the volleyball team helped me meet new people, and playing with all these amazing people helped me develop more skills and be a better player!” Elisabeth also said her team was really good so it helped her learn how to play with great people, so it helped her when she got to club tryouts, and she was ready and got me pumped up! Even if you don’t play sports, going to the sports games at school is a really great way to support the school. 

In my opinion school sports are great. I think school sports are a positive thing because sports are a great way for kids to stay healthy. Yes kids can do sports outside of school but some people’s parents may not be able to take them to the sports outside of school, and these sports are a great way to support  school and make many great memories and with friends.


By: Avery Frarer

Photo Credits: Avery Frarer

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