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Jewels Larson

Talented, funny, and kind. These are just a few of the many qualities of Jewels Larsen, a friendly seventh grader. Jewels has many interesting character traits that make her a delightful friend and overall person.

Jewels Larsen was born on April 26, 2007. She has a six year old brother and many relatives, including a few of her closest cousins. Larsen dreams to be an artist or animator. Luckily, her whole family thinks she is an amazing artist as they continue to encourage her to follow her dreams. Besides her family, Jewels’ friends also support her fantastic ability. Ashleigh Wolfington (7), Harlie Wallace (7), and Sophia Rodriguess (7) are just a few of her best friends. Jewels is happy that her friends and family like her artwork, but she is very humble about her talent, which is another attribute that makes her such a great person.

Larsen has her own particular thoughts on particular things. For instance, when asked where on Earth she would visit if she could go anywhere, she replied, “Why on Earth? I want to go to Wakanda,” which is a country in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Clearly, she has a nice sense of humor that many people can appreciate. In the end, Larsen settled on Hawaii for its beautiful oceans and majestic volcanoes. Jewels loves many other things too. She likes the book Holes, the movie Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, and the game Undertale, just to name a few. Larsen also enjoys Ramen Noodles, Sour Patch Kids, the color army green, blobfishes, science because “explosions are fun.” Not to mention watching art YouTubers such as DrawingWiffWaffles, Kasey Golden, and LavenderTowne, who are also her role models for her love of art.

There is so much to know about the skilled artist that is Jewels Larsen. She is kind and funny, but the most important things to know are that she is a great friend, good student, and fantastic person.


By: Alessy Madero

Photo Credits: Alessy Madero

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