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At this age, many kids may be familiar with social media. Even younger kids might be familiar with it. According to eMarketer,com, 5.7 million people under the age of 11 use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Is it right for kids these ages to be using social media? What effects do social media have on children? Even though you should be 13, younger kids, even elementary-level kids, use it.

To all ages, social media has negative effects on the youth. They provoke a wide variety of mental health issues. One of these issues is lowered self-esteem of people. states that sites like Facebook make people compare themselves to one-another, which can lower self-esteem. That’s not the only issue. also says that social media can be addicting. Electronics in general are addicting as people are on their devices hours a day. A lot of this can be social media. It’s a chain effect. Since people are addicted and use social media a lot, they get more negative effects that social media gives like a lowered self-esteem. One more negative effect of social media is that it is not the most social. Despite the fact that you can interact, social media is not the best social interaction. It’s better to communicate in real-life and some could say that technology is taking over our lives.

In my opinion, I think social media has both positive and negative effects. I definitely agree with the fact that it is addicting and it has negative impacts on self-esteem. However, I feel like social interaction is positive, we get to share our experiences in long range. Even though it’s good communication, children under 11 and under shouldn’t use it.

Social media being used a lot can lead to negative effects and now our youth are experiencing those effects. To conclude, social media should not be used by youth with some exceptions.


By: Alex Arevalo

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