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Ms. Morris

Ms. Morris is a seventh grade science teacher who has been teaching here for 20 years. She chose to teach 7th grade because she struggled during this time and wishes to help other people to not have the same issues that she did in middle school. Holly Morris was born in Minnesota, where she lived for the first few years of her life. Later, she moved to Iowa and remained there for many years. As an adult, she moved to Arizona and attended Arizona State University for her bachelor’s degree and Northern Arizona University for a master’s degree in math and science. Morris has always wanted to be a barista or study fossils at La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. She can’t quite remember the exact details of her first job, but can recall that it was at a clothing store in a mall. She dreams of living in the mountains, or more specifically, Flagstaff Arizona. In addition, Ms. Morris enjoys spending time with her two kids, who frequent her 7th hour class and are in elementary and high school. Some of her hobbies include watching Star Wars movies, reading the Harry Potter series, and hiking in national parks, of which Yellowstone is her favorite. Ms. Morris prefers warm weather, comparable to that of San Diego. Her only pet is a cat, which she loves almost as much as geology. She is a passionate Marvel comics fan who never fails to lead  fun and informative lessons and hopes to do so for many years to come.


By: Ryan Roco

Photo Credits: Ryan Roco

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