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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity is a complicated one. Part of it involves the differences in perspective of every single thing. The answer to the question, “can money buy happiness,” involves the same principles.

Plenty of people have asked many others this very question with varying answers. The differences in replies likely branch from the snowflake alikeness of everyone’s brain, choices, and reactions. Moreover, nature versus nurture has the ability to come into play too.

From one person’s perspective, the only answer to this question may be something(s) material. They constantly need extreme amounts of money in their bank account. Either to spend it, keep it, or something else, the only way to find happiness for these people is materialistic items. Obviously, all of the people who answer like this are not bad, evil, or rude- there can be a separate reason for every person.

Yet, as odd or conventional it may seem, someone else (perhaps the two are related) is convinced the correct answer to money’s ability to buy happiness is no, it can’t. That response can prompt many others. Maybe friends and family are the only things that can bring happiness. Thus, all time- with or without money- should be focused on them. Or, possibly the sole concept that induce happiness are books, movies, jobs, art, building, technology, social media, etc. Although, don’t all of these objects cost money? Therefore, shouldn’t the answer still be yes?

The point is, life usually revolves around whatever makes the host happy. Whatever causes the person to be happy can change as quick as time or stay in place. Likewise, that concept is feasible to adjust, adapt, and grow between two persons and their lifestyle.

So, the question is, can money buy happiness? No concrete answer exists because it is relative to everyone’s own perspective.


By: Peyton Erb

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