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Tamara (Tamy) Brown

Someone who excels athletically, academically, and socially is a difficult person to find. Tamara Brown (8), on the other hand, is a terrific example. Since she was born on July 18, 2006, Tamy (as everyone but the front office calls her) has mainly lived in Arizona. During elementary school, though, she moved to California and- after a year- to Texas then back to her home state for third through eighth grade. Oddly enough, Tamy’s favorite vacation spot is one she has never called home: Rocky Point, Mexico. “I loved being by the ocean and the food there was amazing,” Tamara said.

To start with how she transcends in school, Tamy is highly active and involved. Not only does she play the violin in the eighth grade orchestra, but Tamara was also accepted into the advanced ensemble. Furthermore, she loves the honors English and social studies classes she takes because they, “allow me to do things at ‘my level’ and… to have a higher GPA….” In addition, Tamy was on the cross country team and is presently participating on the track and field team.

Currently, Tamy only wears glasses, when asked- however- she said she would like to try contacts. More often than not, Tamara prefers reading a book over watching a movie. Additionally, if Tamy could go back to any time she said she would go back to first grade. If only for the reason to, “see my old friends again.” Aside from everything else about her, even Tamy’s nickname has an interesting story. In order to make Tamara’s nickname more unique, her parents discarded one of the “m”s in the normal spelling of Tammy which resulted in Tamy. As previously stated, Tamara Brown is an overall superstar and ready to meet as many new people as she can before high school.


By: Peyton Erb

Photo Credits: Peyton Erb

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