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Do Rich People Get Away With More Crime?

On the evening of June 15th, 2013 in Texas, a person by the name of Ethan Couch stole alcohol from a Walmart. An hour after the stealing, Ethan was in his car with seven other passengers going 73mph and hit someone. The seven passengers survived, though one was paralyzed. I started with this because, instead of going to prison he got sent to ten years probation. Many people were asking why he got away with murder, Was because he was 16? Or what or was it because his parents were rich with a median income of $250,000. Many people assumed that it was because his parents were rich.  During the time, people asked the question, do rich people get away with more crime than middle class or poor families? On the surface level, rich people do get away with more crimes because of bail. It is most likely that the rich person has enough money to bail out of jail. We also can’t forget that money buys you lawyers. the more money you have saved up to buy a lawyer, the better chance you have to get away with something like murder. The number one example of this is the O.J. Simpson case in the 90s. O.J. Simpson has gotten away with murder because he had enough money for successful lawyers. Not only that, but have you heard of affluenza? It’s where someone’s wealth status starts to influence their actions. In the Ethan Couch case, the judge decides to give Ethan a mental health check instead of going to prison because of affluenza. 

I personally think that rich people do get away with more crimes it all adds up, the bail, lawyers, and affluenza. It’s hard to accept that money buys everything, even the judicial system. But as sad and disgusting this fact may be, it is sadly true. I hope that in the future everyone gets equal consequences when they commit a crime. But from where we are now, it may be a long time until we get this. I also hope in the future that Ethan Couch gets what he deserves and is thrown in prison.


By: Daniel Garcia

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