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It’s been an issue for that has lasted a long while: homelessness, and the sadness that many people and families have to face. Despite the years passing on, and the improvement of civilization and the government, the problem continues to persist. There are many cities that struggle to handle the concern, including places like Austin, Texas. There are cities, however, that try their best to stop the seemingly never-ending issue.

Currently, there is a rising homeless population in Austin, and some blame it on California. In 2019, according to, they counted “approximately 2,200 [homeless] people” that were homeless. The numbers have risen at an alarming rate since the past few years. Homeless camps have been established all across the city, but not everyone is happy about it. states that a “2019 community survey released February 12 show 55 percent of residents felt unsafe walking alone at night.” It further explains that it’s up 43 percent compared to the 2018 survey. This is due to the rising population of people in poverty all around and the growing crime concern, another issue in the city. They say that many Californians moved over there, likely increasing housing prices, and overall contributing to the homeless issue. Moreover, California is not the only one to blame.

Although camps and shelters are not enough, cities are taking more action and are trying their best to stop it. states that, “Gov. Gavin Newsom made homelessness the focus of his State of the State address Wednesday.” He hopes to resolve the progressing issue and he wants more camps and housing to be established. It may not be the best solution to have camps, but it’s definitely better than people forced to sleep in a public place, a sad, common observation to know.

The rising homeless issue is one we need to put in a lot of effort into solving, as we all don’t want anybody to have to sleep in the harsh, cold weather, all because they can’t get a home. States like California are clearly trying hard to fix it. Hopefully more states will contribute to resolve the depressing issue.


By: Alex Arevalo

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