The Apple iPhone, an extremely well known brand to the public. Chances are may have one right now or have seen someone with it before. Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world right now, before they got here Apple made home computers like the Apple Macintosh in 1984. But Apple started changing in 2001 with the iPod, a portable music player. Everything truly changed on January 9, 2007 when Steve Jobs walked on stage to show off the iPhone. To say that this announcement shook the world is a great understatement. According to, “ He even made a phone call (how quaint!) and placed what has to be the largest Starbucks order in history to an apparently real barista at an apparently real Starbucks.” Remember that before the announcement of the first iPhone, mobile devices were more associated with communication. Apple’s first mobile device could watch videos, take pictures, and access the internet. 

When Apple’s first mobile electronic was released, it sold over one million devices after Labor day weekend. For 2007, the device was impressive enough for people to buy it. Though there was loads of room for improvement. The foundation that the first mobile electronic built would be a jumping point for the device. The new features that the iPhone 3G included were features like faster downloading of content, new materials that made it lighter, and the best addition, the app store. Now 3rd party developers could make games for Apple’s mobile devices and make a profit off of them. The new electronic was released on July 11, 2008 for $199.99.  The iPhone 4 was a huge thing during 2010 because it was considered the first modern mobile device. It was also the first time that Apple did a complete makeover of the iPhone. Instead of the electronic being made of glass and plastic, it was made out of stainless steel instead. Not only that but the iPhone 4 was 25% thinner than the 3G. The resolution for the electronic was increased from 960 to 640 pixels. Before the iPhone 4 came out, Apple said that their new electronic that they were releasing could work with Verizon and Sprint. Ending the exclusivity deal between AT&T and Apple. The iPhone 5 in 2012 was the first to use the extremely fast LTE networks that were produced by companies like Verizon and Sprint. Some new features on the mobile device were an improved Siri, do not disturb mode, and FaceTime over cellular networks. The iPhone 6 in 2014 was the first mobile device to get over 10 million sales. Rumors floated around that stated that the new device could even bend, but it wasn’t true. The iPhone 7 didn’t add anything new except no headphone jack, rumors said that you had to drill a hole to get the headphone jack! But it still wasn’t true. The iPhone 8 marked ten years after Macworld 2007.  But the iPhone X would truly use shock value to sell their devices. This time, the iPhone X gets rid of the signature home button and replaces it with facial recognition. The device is the best selling electronic Apple has made. Then finally the iPhone 11, Apple’s new device was the first to have two cameras, three if you consider the pro version of the mobile device. The electronic has 64 GB of internal memory and a 12 megapixel camera. So overall the mobile device definitely the most famous piece of technology out there today, the electronic has been a huge part of teenagers’ in the modern day. There is no denying that Apple has come a far way, and we can only hope that the future will only bring more greatness.


By: Daniel Garcia

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