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There are a multitude of slang words that teens use now, of which one of the most commonly known words is salty. According to, it means “to be ‘upset’ over something little.” People may use it often in something such as gaming. For instance, when you lose a game – or even lose in general – you may be upset or angry and your friends might call you salty due to your attitude.

All things had a start, and the slang version of salty actually first occurred years ago. The first known time was around the 1920s and 1930s, used mainly by sailors. Around that time, it meant to be tough or aggressive ( Not long after (around ten years later), people started using it to say “jump salty.” It means to become suddenly angry, which is likely why it had the word “jump.” The meaning and the use of the word “jump salty” stayed around for a long time.

Entering the 2000’s the meaning of salty slightly changed to be “bitter” or “upset.” Additionally, you could say it is overreacting to something such as a game in a bad way. People at the time also started using the word in the gaming industry. As an example from urbandictionarycom, one might say, “He was so salty after he died in Smash Bros.” Another example is someone saying,  “Stop being so salty!” after someone lost in, for example, a 1 vs 1 basketball game and was upset.

Salty is a term that plenty use. You could be called salty if you acted all upset and angry over something little or not important, such as a video game. Since its beginning around the 1900s, salty has evolved a lot over time into the word we know today as meaning upset.


By: Alex Arevalo

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