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Sentence Errors Puzzle

There are plenty of things you can do to warm up your brain. Try spotting the errors in the following sentences, it’s always good to try to catch things to prepare for let’s say an essay or other forms of school work.

  1. Throughout the summer, Jack complained “Why does it have to be so hot”
  2. Baseball is one of my favorite sports, one of the fans said at the game.
  3. As I witnesed the dragon breath fire all over, I ran away for my life.
  4. There were multiple homeruns at the game.
  5. When I noticed the tsunami wave approaching, we ran to high area immmediately.




1: A comma after complained, question mark after “hot.”

2: “Baseball is one of my favorite sports” needs to be quoted.

3: Witnessed and breathe is spelled wrong.

4: “Homeruns” needs to be home runs.

5: There needs to be an a after to and before high, immediately is spelled wrong.


By: Alex Arevalo

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